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Evolution’s story began in 2010. We are a family owned enterprise with an early stage philosophy to develop efficiencies for Upstream Oil and Gas developers in Canada by introducing new technologies and pursuing an innovative, forward thinking growth path. Since then, Evolution has marked many milestone achievements and is poised today as an industry leader in the electrification movement to help Canada achieve its’ Net Zero 2050 goals.

Our passion and commitment to align our philosophies and product lines with the initiatives of our customers has never waivered. Evolution is proud to offer services which assist customers in reaching their ESG goals and reduce their carbon footprint in meaningful, measurable ways.

Our focus now is to continue following environmental science, emerging technologies and legislation, and introducing new technologies and equipment offerings to our customers while demonstrating a resourceful, mindful approach to project and power planning. Evolution is growing in scope and capacity, with a geographic reach covering most of Alberta and British Columbia, and new project opportunities developing each day. Our portable microgrids have expanded from light demand power in the 100kW range to a diverse product line capable of meeting multi megawatt power demands, crossing industry to include any customers examining their approach to remote power and electrical distribution or looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. We are working hard to drive forward diesel displacement and advocate the adoption of natural gas fuel powered systems.

It is easy to be passionate when tomorrow’s power demand will be met with today’s ambition.

Net Zero Timeline


Federal Carbon Legislation Introduced – Federal regulations Introduced for large Industrial emitters via carbon levy.


British Columbia is First – BC Is the first Canadian province to voluntarily implement Carbon Tax. Western Climate Initiative, a Market Based Group tackling climate change Is formed.


Local Innovation in Northeast British Columbia – JPSI, family owned lighting specialists import and develop wide area lighting product line. Carrying largest fleet in Western Canada, eliminating countless Individual towers and diesel generators.


Expansion into Power Products and Supply – Partnered with a Tier One Energy producer, developed a small scale portable electrical grid, powered with natural gas. Transition away from Diesel to Natural Gas begins.


Paris Climate Agreement – Canada signs on to International Accord to limit GHG Emissions and return global warming to 2 Degrees Celsius above Pre-industrial levels.


Pan-Canadian Agreement, 2 Year Limit – Pan-Canadian Framework for Clean Growth and Climate Change establishes pricing framework for carbon. Each province has until 2018 (Benchline Year) to create a pollution pricing system or adopt the Federally Imposed system.


Fleet of Natural Gas Powered Generators Expands – Partnership with 3 of Canada’s largest Gas Developers to introduce the use of site direct natural gas as a fuel source which eliminates transportation, lost time for refueling and tremendous cost savings. The refined microgrid methodology and technology contributes to noise reduction, overall efficiency, emission reductions and improved safety promoting natural gas as an abundant, cleaner, greener fuel source over oil based fuels.


Carbon Is Costly, Tax on the Rise – Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act Adopted, Introducing Output Based Pricing for Industry. Pricing on fuel introduced with incremental increases of $15.00 per tonne/per year until reaching $170.00 per tonne In 2030.


Carbon Pricing In Effect Everywhere – Industrial Emitters (Oil and Gas Industry Producers) above 50,000 tonnes or more pay Incremental tax starting at $20.00 per tonne, rising to $50.00 per tonne by 2022.Producers become very active In offset activities and operations scrutinized, seeking technology to assist In lowering baseline emissions, and elimination of diesel reliance.


Federal Offset System – Canadian Net Zero Emissions Accountability Act introduced. Carbon Credit Offset Programs introduced, creating a Global credit trading program for meeting or exceeding emission reduction targets. Canada Is on a trajectory to exceed Its’ 2030 Paris Agreement Emissions Reduction Targets. This act will roll out emission milestone reduction targets to be achieved In 5 Year Increments as we carry forward to 2050.

Enterprise Group acquires JPSI – Enterprise Group enters the microgrid power system market space, with organic accretion expanding this technology to their existing high quality customer base and industry presence.


Current Carbon Landscape – Global actions will create a low-carbon economy worth over 26 Trillion over the next 10 years. The Federal Government has pledged a $15 Billion investment over the next 8 Years to Fund and Spur Research and Development and the deployment of emerging processes and technologies. All Canadian provinces have created funding programs to assist with carbon offset project development. There is widespread excitement and pride amongst Canadian Oil and Gas Producers and service providers as we all rise to achieve more. Over the next 8 years, Canada will walk through the energy transition exploring natural gas, combined fuels, hydrogen, solar and wind.

Evolution Power Projects Launch – With a renewed vigor to develop and improve microgrid technology, capital to support the expansion, and an Intensive list of Internal supports and a strong leadership presence- Evolution Power Projects Is formed. At onset, Evolution enters the natural gas turbine space, accelerating growth to encompass multi megawatt power projects across Industry.


R&D – Evolution is committed to advocacy during this next phase of the energy transition by promoting the use of natural gas technology. We are proud to be leaders In the remote power field and continue to seek and adopt the very best technologies to assist our customers in meeting their environmental initiatives. Evolution Is building partnerships through project work that will foster Industry Improvement.


Transitioning – Entering our next phase of energy transition in the beginning of 2023, Evolution has a rapidly growing line of turbine power products as we expand into large scale micro grids. We offer Mega Watt power supply to suit any remote location and we are proud to have recently rolled out the 333kW natural gas generators. These offer fuel efficient continuous power with zero downtime, telematics, remote start/stop & monitoring and more. View Here.

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